Video Stories for UCC International Office

Videozoom produced a series of video stories for UCC International Office that provide unique insights into life at UCC for international students.

International students contribute more than €1 billion to the Irish economy, and Universities like UCC are hoping to attract in even more, with China, Brazil, India, the Middle East, the United States and southeast Asia among their key target markets. Our video stories are focused on students from India and China.

The number of international students coming to Ireland has risen by more than 25 per cent since 2012. At the moment, they make up about 8.8 per cent of the overall student body; the aim is to increase that to 15 per cent by 2020.

Our crew spent a day each with two students, Hema Eti from India and Xiufeng Yue from China to understand their life at UCC and how the experience has provided opportunities for work experience and to build their professional networks.

Our video stories show that Irish universities are attractive to international students and are seen as friendly, safe, English-speaking and sophisticated with significantly lower programme fees than the US or the UK. Another draw for international students is that they can work during their student visa for between six months and a year after they graduate.


by | Mar 6, 2017 | Education