Southern Tree Services – Dangerous Tree Removal

Southern Tree Services asked VIDEOZOOM to tell their story with a dynamic video that stays true to their ethical approach to arboriculture.

The company was founded in Cork in 2015 by two local young men, Paul Holly and Eoghan O’Leary. They have combined experience of 16 years in the arboriculture industry from Australia, America and the UK.

People will always remember a good story over a sales or marketing pitch and with this video, we wanted to provide an inside view into the highly specialised art of the arborist. Southern Tree Services have a unique client-centered approach to their work. This is informed by their strong emphasis conservation of trees and their mastery of professional arboriculture techniques.

The company are specialists in tree reduction and pruning which, where possible is always preferred to simple tree removal.

Paul explained: ‘We love and appreciate big mature trees. However all too often trees are not maintained properly resulting in dangerous situations. We can enjoy living side by side with these green giants if we reduce the risk. This is done by reducing the height and spread of the tree canopy, thus reducing the amount of wind resistance or ‘sail’ area of the tree itself. This is usually carried out for trees which are growing too large for their position or may have biomechanical structural faults. We also identify and remove dead or unstable branches.

The company provide specialist tree care and all work is carried out in accordance with BS 3998 standards. Their professional training came from Merrist Wood College in Surrey, UK as well as local industry training companies in Cork. The team are all fully qualified, bringing experience and best practice methods from Australia, USA and UK. Their reputation has grown on the back of excellent work, carried out with a professional approach in all areas.

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