New Frontiers Showcase Video

Videozoom produced this years New Frontiers Showcase Video for Cork’s Rubicon Centre at CIT campus.

The Rubicon Centre is home to 57 knowledge-based startups at all stages of development – from concept stage to completing their first customer orders – many of which are already trading on the international market. The New Frontiers Showcase Video is designed to promote the Centre’s newest entrepreneurs.

New Frontiers is Ireland’s national entrepreneur development programme, delivered at local level by Institutes of Technology and funded by Enterprise Ireland. If you have an innovative business idea and are planning to establish and run your own company, the New Frontiers Programme can provide you with help and support to accelerate your business development and to equip you with the skills and contacts that you need to successfully start and grow your company.

The main challenge with this video production was how to integrate 14 different business startups into a single video presentation without making the production too long and repetitive. We decided to shoot each video segment as interviews rather than using an autocue system as using the latter format can be very challenging for some presenters. The other advantage to using the interview format is that we could develop more natural and spontaneous answers from the entrepreneurs while also allowing their personalities to shine. We shot the interviews against a green screen which allowed us to key in a clean and consistent backdrop for each video. Our crew spent two days filming the interviews and a separate day for shooting supporting footage at the Rubicon Centre. We also integrated the content supplied by the entrepreneurs themselves and we screen-captured their existing web content.

The completed video was shown to a packed audience at CIT for the New Frontiers Showcase on April 25th and the reaction was very positive. We will also be splitting the video into individual segments for use on social media platforms and for the individual entrepreneurs promotional use.


by | Apr 30, 2017 | Business