ELL Award Videos 2015

VIDEOZOOM were commissioned again this year by Léargas to produce a series of nine films for the European Language Label Awards. The ELL Award Videos 2015 tell the stories of the award winning projects and Language Ambassadors, who have worked tirelessly to promote language learning in Ireland.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 European Language Label! The awards ceremony took place in Farmleigh, Dublin on 25 September. European Language Label awards were presented to six projects and to three Language Ambassadors.


The European Language Label (ELL) is an annual award given to individuals or projects that demonstrate outstanding promotion and teaching of languages. Separate awards for ‘Language Ambassador of the Year’ or ‘Language Learner of the Year’ may also be presented. ELL is coordinated by the European Commission and managed in Ireland by Léargas.

To be considered for the ELL award, projects must be innovative, effective and replicable. Projects must take place during the year in which they apply for the Award. Winners are selected by a National Jury of language experts. The jury looks for projects based in traditional or innovative learning environments, that bring participants added value in terms of competence and motivation. Projects should be as comprehensive as possible, reaching beyond small groups of learners. Evidence of institution-wide support for the project and its overall impact would also strengthen applications.

Programme priorities for the European Language Label change every two years. The 2014 and 2015 priorities were:

  • Languages for Social Inclusion
  • Languages and Sport
  • Languages as part of Lifelong Learning

The European Language Label is coordinated by the European Commission and managed in Ireland by Léargas. leargas.ie

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