CUH Fundraising Video

Videozoom produced a fundraising video for CUH Charity which helped to to raise over €50,000 to support the creation of a new dedicated Urology Department.

CUH (Cork University Hospital) Charity was established in early 2012 to provide a wide range of life-changing and life-saving facilities and services for patients attending Cork University Hospital. Through the support of the community and generous donors, CUH Charity has been raising the vital funds needed to support the continued growth and enhance the expert level of care provided by Cork University Hospital. CUH Charity organise a selection of focused appeals, fundraising video, a calendar overflowing with unique events, ample opportunities for donating and offer a wide range of other ways to give.

This years appeal was presented by Mr Frank O’ Brien, Consultant Urologist at CUH:

“Bladder cancer is one of the main urology cancers affecting people in Ireland. Our patients, young and old, can come from any of the towns and villages in the surrounding counties of Cork, Kerry, Tipperary, Waterford and South East Limerick, even from as far away as South Leinster. Patients deserve the best and my job as a urologist in CUH is to make every patient’s journey a little easier by delivering the best standard of care.

We want to urgently set-up and refurbish a new Urology Unit in CUH and extend our treatments to many more patients. With your help we can adapt an existing facility to create a new changing area, toilet facilities and patient assessment area, all in one unit. With a new stand-alone Urology Unit we can also undertake more endoscopies and assessments in that single dedicated unit.

This will also allow us to take direct referrals from A & E and local GPs, helping to further reduce waiting times. A new Urology Unit will positively impact on the 2000 adults we see per year with cancer and bladder conditions, allowing us to improve our service and see more patients.”

The aim of Cork University Hospital Charity is to source funding through philanthropy in order to provide a wide range of life-changing and life-saving equipment and services for patients attending Cork University Hospital. The focus is on raising funds for the purchase of state-of-the art equipment and for the enhancement of the life-saving services provided by every department. The aim of this fundraising video was to support these efforts.


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